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Yurine Hanazono (花園 ゆりね Hanazono Yurine?) is a witch who summoned Jashin-chan to Earth. She is relentless in brutally attacking her as penance for her actions, but is generally kind to others.


Yurine wears her dark red hair in pigtails and hair drills on bottom. Despite both her red eyes being perfectly fine, she wears a white eyepatch over her left eye. She always dresses in a gothic lolita fashion.


Despite the fact that Yurine seems rather cold or cynical, she has a fairly strict but caring personality. Thanks to this, she quickly finds a common language with other characters.

As a protagonist, Yurine often acts as a kind of avatar of the audience. She sarcastically comments on what is happening around or being as a voice of reason that balances the foolishness and selfishness of Jashin-chan.

For example, it was she who first noticed how much the relationship between Medusa and Jashin is like a romantic couple, or that the latter has a good side. She, however, tries to hide it due to her tsundere nature.

She also suffers from delusions of grandeur. Growing up, she wanted to be the sole dictator of Earth, ruling all with an iron fist. In the present day, she believes herself to be "Zabiel the Black, Preacher of Evil" and "the most powerful black magician to have ever made a pact with the devil".

Yurine has a sadistic side, but she is still a relatively calm and peaceful person.



Jashin was summoned to Earth by Yurine for no reason other than just to see if she could. She was unable to return Jashin to Hell herself, as the grimoire which she used to summon her did not contain the return spell. The only other way for Jashin to return home is if she kills her summoner, and as such, she spends each day unsuccessfully trying to kill Yurine while simultaneously spending time with her and various acquaintances from Heaven and Hell. Yurine takes it upon her self to punish Jashin for her bad deeds, usually in a relentlessly cruel and bloody manner.

Jashin-chan lives with Yurine as a familiar and homemaker. She has various responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping.

Powers and Abilities

Black Magic

Despite believing herself to be a powerful magician, Yurine rarely uses magic where she used a spell in a grimoire to summon Jashin-chan and she has a secret room hidden in her desk drawer that materializes during emergencies.

Superhuman Strength

Yurine is capable of performing superhuman feats, such as catching knives in midair, jumping several times her height, throwing Jashin-chan hundreds of feet in the air, and throwing a snowball so hard it breaks the sound barrier. It's unknown whether or not her strength is enhanced by magic.



Yurine brandishing her machete

Yurine's main weapon of choice is a black machete with a straight edge and sawback spine. It has a black handle with a magical seal on the guard.


Yurine's secondary weapon is a yellow chainsaw.


A normal taser that Yurine bought on the advice of a horoscope.

Anti-Petrification Bracelet

Yurine's anti-petricfaction bracelet as it appears in the manga

A bracelet made of anti-petrifaction power stones that Yurine bought from a street vendor in Akiba where she uses to protect herself from Medusa's petrifaction ability.


  • Yurine's surname Hanazono means "flower, blossom" (花) (hana) and "garden, park, plantation" (園) (sono/zono).


  • Yurine enjoys watching gory horror movies and coming up with creative ways to torture Jashin-chan.
  • Yurine frequently buys melee weapons off the internet.
  • Yurine is quite skilled in armed and unarmed combat.