This is the twelfth episode of the Dropkick on My Devil! anime.


Part 1

Jashin-chan returns to Earth after floating aimlessly in space with her signature dropkick. Elsewhere we see the daily lives of the other characters and learn that Yurine won a 2-day VIP treatment at a private beach. Back to Jashin who revealed to have destroyed her tail upon her impact back on Earth. Afterward, Jashin feeds Beth and notices that she's grown bigger since she last saw her. Right after Beth bites off Jashin's hand and she was about to punish Beth for it, Jashin is stopped by Yurine. Unfazed by Jashin's return, she tries to tell Yurine about Beth's abnormal growth. On the other hand, Yurine doesn't care and as punishment for hitting Beth, Yurine gut punches Jashin.

Part 2

Minos, Persephone II, Medusa, Pekora, Beth, Yurine, and Jashin all enjoy their stay at the beach. During this time, Medusa compliments Pekora's swimsuit that says Taijiri on it and everyone believes it's her surname. Therefore the group all call her by her Taijiri even though Pekora doesn't have a surname and the swimsuit belongs to a coworker that she borrowed from. Not adhering to Medusa's warning do some stretches before she swims, Jashin goes swimming in the water and gets a tail cramp. Later the group finds Yusa and Kori selling shaved ice from their stand. Wanting some shaved ice too, Jashin subjects Pekora to act like a dog until Yurine intervenes and punishes her. After this, Yurine offers Pekora some shaved ice and she enjoys it despite it being made from devils. Annoying with the group, Jashin takes another swim in the beach and this time she's caught by the Kracken. Medusa tries to reason with the Kraken, but fails and it sequentially eats Jashin. So with the combined powers of Yurine, Minos, and Yusa the trio manage to defeat the Kraken and it spits out Jashin.

Part 3

Freed from the Kraken and blaming everything on Yurine, Jashin summons the amazon armor to use against Yurine. Accepting Jashin's challenge, Yurine summons Beth to her side who is now a fully grown Gévaudan. The two then face off against each other and later they all enjoy a seafood BBQ.


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